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Ristumeikan University’s Osaka-Ibaraki campus wins prize of ‘Osaka Landscape Awards 2015’


We are delighted that Osaka-Ibaraki Campus has been awarded Osaka Governor Award at Osaka Landscape Awards 2015 for the project ‘Successive landscape project from Ristumeikan University’s Osaka-Ibaraki campus to Iwakura Park.’ This prize was awarded to the followings: Ristumeikan University, Yamashita Sekkei Inc., Takenaka Corporation and Yoshiki Toda Landscape and Architect Ltd.

Osaka prefecture promotes green city with human welfare where people can feel seasonality and breeze enriching human-to-human or human-to-nature interaction. This award aims to appraise contributions by those who realized the green city and to encourage those activities spread around in Osaka.

In April 2015, University, local government and local associations launched the project to transform a former brewery into a new landscape park. Referencing Jorisei -an ancient system of allotting land -which still remains in this area, we set the north to south axis as ‘axis for academy’ and the east-west axis as ‘axis for local communication’ as a framework to built up new landscape design. We positioned school buildings for student along the ‘axis for local communication’ and lay open facilities for local people such as library, hall, or restaurant along ‘axis for local communication’. To finish up, we arranged Katakura Park as a disaster prevention point for both locals around and University users.

The Awards judging committee was comprised of Noboru Masuda – a professor of Osaka Prefecture University- as a chief judge, 3 academics and 2 local business employees having been supervised by the west Japan branch of Consultants of Landscape Architecture in Japan. I heard members of the judging committee spent whole two days carefully examining all short-listed works and publishing very precise and passionate critiques for each winner.

Mr. Masuda – the chief judge told me that compared with other national awards, this award within a prefecture could allow judges examining works at site, so that this scale of awards for landscape projects should be encouraged to held in other prefectures. I agreed with this opinion as this kind of award can enhance the quality of space for those who live in and use that area.

Yoshiki Toda

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