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Schenzhen Hanking Kyuyoudai project


There was a sales promotion ceremony held by the developer following the release of a residential complex ‘Hanking Peak Boulevard’ on 17th of July. Our director Toda joined the ceremony as a landscape design advisor together with an architecture advisor from Britain and interior design advisor from Germany helping the promotion. Soon after this event, construction of phase 1 was completed in August 2015.

When we started designing for the landscape in October 2013, the foundation work of architecture had been already started. Then construction works of landscape and architecture was finished in less than 2 years, which progress I feel very quick. While making the best use of the magnificent view towards sea and town, the architecture comprised of 2 layers; taller and lower buildings on the hill with Xiaonanshan Mountain at its back. Our design includes main residential area, a long approach, and a planting area of Xiaonanshan Park at the south of main site.

The garden became a long linear park in west-east orientation restrained with the landform and architectures. Our aim was to create a lavish but also relaxing space. We put sequences with density and emptiness to make a rhythm and a story through the landscape.
One side of the approach road going through the mountain is screened by plantings creating tunnel like feeling, and then to the sudden, it opens up, with the dramatic scenery change in front of the entrance plaza of housing area. For the residential zone, there was a requirement to achieve an advanced and contemporary design to harmonize with architecture style. To realize this, we applied contemporary design principles such as simple lines or symmetry. At the same time, we created numbers of small sections in the garden to create diversity.

Our design theme is ‘living scenery’ inspired by the site condition with rich nature, using water and green as a dual core, having 4 terraces with 4 metaphors ‘water,’ ‘land,’ ‘light’ and ‘wind.’ At the same time, we created the transition of the space from active entrance to calming residential area.

We spent loads of money in materials such as stones and planting in this project. In the area completed in phase 1, the residential garden was completed successfully with the city resort ambiance harmonizing with sophistication of city and warmness of nature together. There is further construction work remained until the end of this year, and we are looking forward to see the grand opening.

Tsutomu Yoshizawa

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